Ledmag is a LED light box system which combines a sleek, modern design with excellent versatility and brightness. This new Freestanding Ledmag range stands out for its wire and slide free wall installation.
Thanks to a set of magnets, the boxes can be mounted on a sleek chromed steel frame. The boxes will automatically light up when connected to the frame.
The light boxes come in different sizes and wattage and you can easily place them wherever you like, without having to move the existing boxes.
Thanks to the magnets placed on the back, the light box attaches to the frame and automatically lights up. You can mount light boxes on both sides of the frame.
The images in the light boxes can easily be replaced with one hand by removing and repositioning the supplied tool.
The great versatility of the Ledmag system allows you to combine multiple frames with light boxes of different sizes, and create custom layouts which can be modified and moved according to your needs and spaces.
It has a base of 25x45 cm and a standard height of 205 cm.
Both the steel frame and the boxes can be produced in custom sizes for specific market needs.

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