LEDMAG and a line of exhibition space for thea stylish and functional LED light frames designed for advertising in the window and interior.
The light panels LEDMAG born to decorate the window and give maximum visibility on the road.
And they are ideal solution for businesses of various types: real estate agency, travel, shop or pharmacy, but also meeting room, bank and more.
The backlight LED LEDMAG frames decorates and illuminates your facilities showcase.
Cable LEDMAG: The system of steel cables and elegant traditional
Window LEDMAG: the attachment of a window, does not require drilling or masonry;
Bright magnetic structures with frames represent the big news of Tecnostyl: use a system of frames of a bright LED and magnetic versions:
Freestanding LEDMAG independent freestanding furniture;
Wall LEDMAG: blanket, attached to the wall.
Sky LEDMAG: ceiling chromed steel structure.
The structures showcase LEDMAG are used not only for street advertising, but also for interior design or advertising stylish siding.
The frames are available in sizes nia standard A4, A3, 50x70, 100x70 horizontal and vertical versions, produced in Italy by Tecnostyl, frames are customizable in terms of color, size, logos and more integrated with the freestanding structures.
LEDMAG also offers a range of accessories for the integration into the site with bright frames, What sloping shelves, logo frame, light tables display table or counter.
Luminous menu board, mounted on steel structures or aluminum for A4 and A3 sizes for internal communications and close the offer of facilities LEDMAG a backlit LED